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so you can focus on creating and serving, not sending invoices, responding to client inquiries, recreating every proposal from scratch, and being stuck in the weeds. You won’t find any cookie cutter, one-size fits all workflows here.

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the reins and own your schedule

Single Workflow Starts at $495 or 6-Week Workflow coaching for $1595

Whether your business is new or you’ve been at it for years, developing streamlined systems to regain control of your schedule and make the most of your time can make a serious impact! (Not to mention think of the #NetflixandChill time you will have!). But the secret to creating a workflow you’ll actually stick to is designing it around the way you work and the way you think. Depending on how your beautiful brain thinks, this may mean using a simple Google Sheet or going all in on your Type-A personality with Asana or Trello. 

Workflow Design Sessions

step one

We’ll hop on a call and walk step-by-step through your entire creative process, your client experience and all the businessy stuff you probably haven’t had time to worry about (Absolutely no judgements! This is totally true for most of us creatives.). During this session, I’ll quiz you to get a feel for the way you think, so I can recommend tools and systems that mesh with your brain.

step two

We’ll outline your unique workflow

step three

I’ll create a visual reference that outlines every step in your process. I’ll check in regularly to make sure the systems we create are working for you!

plus 2-weeks on demand coaching!

Get access to me on-demand via Slack! or Marco Polo (just don’t judge me if I’m in my PJs!) Run ideas past me or ask questions, I’m all ears!

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