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Blogging helps your brand stay relevant


Growing your brand means moving up the search engine ladder. And the bottom line is the more links and relevant content the higher you’ll rank. But you don’t have time in your schedule or brainpower left to plan, write, schedule, and promote a blog right now. But, don’t fear, blog management is here!

Think of this as part SEO manager part ghostwriter. Everything I do is based on improving how search engines like google and big view your site. By combining my business strategy expertise with your unique perspective on your zone of genius, we’ll create a sustainable and (mostly) hands-free blogging experience that’s right for you and connects all the SEO dots.

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How this works

We’ll kick off your hands-free blogging experience with a 60-minute strategy call to talk about the future of your brand and how you want to grow.

Then I’ll take all that info and create a content plan based on SEO keywords, and how often you want to post.

Every month, you’ll be sent a list of prompts to help me get your unique perspective to help me bring together your blog posts. You’ll only ever be given one month’s content at at time so you don’t get overwhelmed by too much too quick.

Then I’ll take your answers and build out posts, optimize them for SEO, and schedule them to go live.

Each month we’ll close with a strategy session for the next months topics and any things we need to tweak in your content plan to stay relevant to your readers.


Investing in your biz can be paralyzing. You want to know that what your committing to is going to help you grow. As an entrepreneur myself, this is something I think about every investment in my own biz. That is why all my contracts last just 6 months. It’s enough time for you and me to understand each other’s way of thinking and doing, while still giving us enough time to gauge growth.

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