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Your Guide to the Land of Scary Tech

I help creative entrepreneurs create purposeful, magnetic brands. I also help you put more time back in your day, with clear, automated workflows that elevate your client experience, while making your to-do list shorter.  

I believe one size fits all does NOT work when it comes to the way creative entrepreneurs think. That’s why I bend the rules a bit when it comes to helping you create workflows designed around the way your beautiful brain works, so you can finally have a system that runs like clockwork (and actually makes sense to you). 

I started Beauty Bright Design because I’ve heard time and time again from fellow creatives that the “tech” side of business was holding you back from achieving your dreams. As a creative myself (you can check out my custom stationery biz here!), I understand the constant stream of ideas running through your mind. But when you can’t actually make it happen, when you spend hours trying to figure out a new system, it makes you want to just give up.

Well, I’m here save to you from banging your head (and your laptop) against the wall, with one-on-one workflow design, CRM setup, and brand identity coaching.

I can’t wait to hear your vision and bring it to life.

Ready to get this not so scary tech party started?

Fun Facts About Moi

My husband and I are high school sweethearts. Despite the fact that I also run a wedding stationery business, we eloped!

I speak Russian.

I’m a sushi-oholic.

I’m passionate about LGBTQ+ Rights and mental health awareness.

I’ve lived in 8 states and moved 34 times (military family!).

I go to Target three times a week (you too, right?).

I’m a nerd at heart, with a deep love for all-things Star Trek, Big Bang Theory, Game of Thrones etc. (I don’t speak Klingon or Dothraki, but I’m willing to learn for the right client!)


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